New leaders appointed to Atom computing SOLIDIFIES connections to US government

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New leaders appointed to Atom computing SOLIDIFIES connections to US government
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Atom Computing, a leading quantum computing startup, announced two key appointments that will strengthen its partnerships with the U.S. government.

Ken Braithwaite, former Secretary of the Navy, has joined Atom’s Board of Directors. Greg Muhlner, a former Naval officer, has come on board as Vice President of Public Sector to lead engagement with federal agencies.

These additions highlight the critical role of public-private collaboration in advancing quantum computing, an emerging technology with huge potential. Atom Computing CEO Rob Hays noted the company’s existing relationships with the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation. He said teaming up with the U.S. government will help develop quantum computing and secure American leadership.

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“The United States has a vibrant quantum ecosystem thanks, in part, to federal investments in research, workforce, and procurement,” remarked Hays. “Partnership with our company will advance the technology and ensure U.S. dominance in this strategically important field. Ken and Greg have invaluable government experience that will position Atom as the premier partner to the U.S. in achieving large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computing.”

Braithwaite served as Secretary of the Navy in 2020 after a distinguished naval career and ambassadorship. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1984 and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral before retiring. His deep defence expertise will be an asset to Atom Computing as quantum computing is expected to revolutionize national security.

Muhlner is a former Naval Special Warfare Officer who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has 15 years of experience driving sales to the federal government, including senior roles at Amazon Web Services and Rebellion Defense. As VP of the Public Sector, Muhlner will lead Atom’s partnerships with federal agencies.

“Quantum computing is a disruptive technology that will redefine computing and problem-solving complexity,” stated Braithwaite. “For our national security and economic competitiveness, the U.S. must win the quantum race. I’m proud to join Atom Computing’s board to help the company achieve its mission in this critical domain.”

The appointments of Braithwaite and Muhlner underscore that public-private collaboration will be key to U.S. leadership in quantum. Atom Computing is strategically positioning itself at the forefront of this partnership. With its cutting-edge technology and now extensive federal expertise, the company aims to power the quantum future.

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