Canada invests HUGE $200 MILLION into new quantum computer

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Canada invests HUGE $200 MILLION into new quantum computer
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Two new universal quantum computers – MonarQ and IBM Quantum One – represent major milestones in Quebec’s ambition to become a quantum computing powerhouse.

These rare and valuable machines, among just a handful worldwide, underscore over $200 million in provincial investments to position Quebec at the vanguard of quantum tech.

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Built entirely in Canada by Montreal startup Anyon Systems, MonarQ signifies the nation’s first homegrown universal quantum computer. IBM’s Quantum One, to be operated in Bromont by nonprofit PINQ2, provides researchers coveted access to IBM’s sophisticated quantum systems.

A Quantum computer leverages quantum physics to process information in new ways impossible for even the mightiest supercomputer. The National Research Council estimates the emerging sector could be worth nearly $140 billion in Canada over the coming decades.

Quebec aims to lead that charge, drawing on its track record in other disruptive fields like AI. The province is home to renowned computer scientists and a cluster of quantum startups in Sherbrooke. Investing early in this esoteric technology provides a window of opportunity.

But with the quantum computer still evolving, near-term uses remain uncertain. Anyon and PINQ2 will enable academics and companies to experiment with quantum algorithms, develop skills, and chart potential applications. Oversight procedures aim to ensure responsible use as capabilities advance.

Possibilities span sectors from pharmaceuticals to finance to climate modelling. By exposing organizations to early quantum tools, Quebec seeks to cultivate a skilled workforce and a quantum-fluent business community poised to capitalize on future quantum disruption.

While competitive internationally, increased quantum activity benefits Quebec overall. Collaboration and idea sharing will likely surface more breakthroughs than siloed efforts. Quebec’s quantum head start can propel homegrown innovation and talent development.

After the delicate transport of MonarQ, researchers eagerly await unleashing its power on complex problems intractable for classical systems. Though its full potential isn’t yet clear, one thing is certain – Quebec has positioned itself at the epicentre of the coming quantum computer revolution.

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