D-Wave releases new 1,200 qubit quantum computer

H Hannan

The D-Wave Systems Story
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D-Wave Quantum has released an updated prototype of its Advantage2 quantum computer with double the qubits and connectivity over its previous model. The new 1,200+ qubit system is now accessible via the company’s Leap quantum cloud service.

Key improvements in the Advantage2 prototype include:

  • 1,200+ qubits, up from 900 in the last prototype
  • 10,000+ couplers between qubits, up from 5,000 previously
  • 20-way qubit connectivity enables solving larger problems
  • 40% increased energy scale for higher-quality solutions
  • 2x longer qubit coherence time enables faster computations

The new prototype has shown substantial performance gains on complex optimization problems. D-Wave expects the system to be especially well-suited for emerging quantum machine learning applications.

Both new and existing Leap customers can access the Advantage2 prototype system for real-time quantum processing. New users get one free minute to evaluate D-Wave’s quantum hybrid solvers and QPUs, including the updated Advantage2.

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