India Set to Build MILLION qubit Quantum Data Centre

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The city of Greater Noida in India has signed an agreement to develop a new data centre focused on quantum computing.

The Uttar Pradesh government inked a memorandum of understanding with project promoter Innogress for the proposed Indraprastha Quantum Data Center. Innogress is partnering on the project with UK-based firm GAN Tech, about which little information is available.

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Innogress claims the data centre will house a million-qubit computer, though no timeframe was given. This seems highly ambitious considering current leaders like Google and IBM are still at hundreds of qubits with a 10-year timeline to reach 100,000. It’s unclear if GAN Tech has suited expertise.

Innogress founder Sumant Parimal said the mission is “to host over half the world’s computing power and data storage capacity through energy efficient, eco-friendly high-performance quantum computers.” The estimated $300-$500 million project is currently seeking tech partners and investors.

Noida already has incentives to attract traditional data centres from companies like NTT and Yotta. But none so far are specialized in quantum computing.

Innogress positions itself as a global research and advisory firm with credentials in emerging tech like robotics, AI, and quantum computing. It’s also promoting a similar technology park in Gujarat.

In summary, Greater Noida has partnered with Innogress on an ambitious specialized data centre, though major questions remain about the feasibility of the timeline and technology.

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