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Introduction to Quantum Computing and Qiskit

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that harnesses the bizarre properties of quantum mechanics to perform calculations with potentially vast improvements in speed and efficiency. This exciting field promises to transform areas from drug discovery to artificial intelligence.

This section provides an introduction to quantum computing concepts and tools. First, we will demystify what quantum computing is and key quantum principles. Then we will introduce Qiskit – an open-source framework from IBM that allows anyone to start quantum programming.

By the end, readers will have a solid high-level understanding of quantum computing and what it can do. Additionally, those interested in hands-on quantum development will know how to get started with the powerful Qiskit toolkit. The overviews below summarize the key topics included in this quantum computing introduction.

Section overview

Lesson 1: What Is Quantum Computing?

  • This section provides an introduction to the exciting field of quantum computing. It explains the differences between classical and quantum bits and quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement. Potential future applications of quantum computing are discussed like chemistry, machine learning, and cryptography. The section serves as an engaging overview to pique readers’ interest before diving deeper into technical details.
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Lesson 2: What is Qiskit?

  • Qiskit is an open-source quantum computing framework that allows developers to write and run quantum programs. This section introduces Qiskit’s components like the quantum circuit compiler and simulator. It highlights how Qiskit is used by researchers and industry to advance quantum computing. Resources for getting started with Qiskit as a tool for quantum development are provided. The goal is to explain why Qiskit is significant in making quantum programming accessible.
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