IonQ Chief Science Officer Dr. Chris Monroe Steps Down, Returns to Academia

H Hannan

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College Park, MD – Quantum computing leader IonQ announced that its Chief Science Officer, Dr. Chris Monroe, will be leaving the company and returning to academia.

Dr. Monroe co-founded IonQ in 2015 and pioneered key innovations that shaped the startup’s quantum research and technology.

As a professor at Duke University, Dr. Monroe will resume his academic pursuits including quantum computing research, education, and advising quantum institutes globally. He leaves behind an enduring legacy from his instrumental scientific contributions at IonQ.

Dr. Monroe conducted pioneering ion trap quantum computing research for over 25 years. His accomplishments span from demonstrating the first quantum logic gate in 1995 to inventing the scalable modular trap architecture that underpins IonQ’s systems.

His innovations laid the foundations for IonQ’s rapid rise. As co-founder, Dr. Monroe secured exclusive licensing of foundational intellectual property from Duke and the University of Maryland that catalyzed the company.

IonQ CEO Peter Chapman said, “Chris has been a pioneer across all aspects of ion trap quantum computers. Under his leadership, IonQ made remarkable strides in building cutting-edge quantum systems and defining an ambitious commercial roadmap. We are grateful for his countless contributions and wish him the very best back in academia.”

Dr. Monroe remarked, “It has been an honour to work with IonQ’s immensely talented scientists and engineers. Together, we brought pioneering quantum technologies forward, culminating in a clear path to commercial advantage. I’m proud of our accomplishments and thank the entire team.”

Dr. Monroe departs IonQ with the company positioned as an industry leader. In his new role, he will continue spearheading quantum research, education initiatives, and global policy efforts to responsibly propel quantum progress.

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