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Welcome to Quantum Positioned, your comprehensive guide to mastering Qiskit and unlocking the mysteries of quantum computing. Whether you’re a beginner curious about Qiskit or a seasoned programmer eager to explore quantum algorithms, our structured courses and resources are designed to take you on a rewarding journey.

Why Qiskit?

Qiskit is an open-source framework for working with quantum computers and a great option for learning quantum computing. As quantum computing continues to advance, Qiskit skills will be in high demand. Learning Qiskit allows you to start developing quantum algorithms and experiments even without access to quantum hardware.

The tools and simulators in Qiskit make it easy to write and test quantum programs. Qiskit also has an active community contributing libraries and education materials. By learning Qiskit, you position yourself well for the future of quantum computing. Programming real quantum computers will require platform-specific knowledge, and IBM offers the most advanced public access. Getting started now with our free resources allows you to learn at your own pace. Ultimately Qiskit’s capabilities, IBM’s quantum leadership, and community support make it a clear choice for picking up in-demand quantum skills.

Course Overview

Introduction to Quantum Computing and Qiskit
  • Dive into quantum computing. Understand the basics and discover what makes Qiskit an essential tool for quantum programmers.
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Getting Started with Qiskit
  • Learn how to install qiskit with a fully loaded troubleshooting guide. This section will also have you writing your first qiskit code with our ‘Hello World’ example.
Get Started
Fundamentals of Quantum Programming with Qiskit
  • Build your foundation in quantum programming. Learn about quantum circuits, measurements, and simulation with hands-on Qiskit examples.
Learn The Fundamentals
Intermediate Topics in Qiskit
  • Take your skills to the next level. Delve into quantum algorithms, hardware, and circuit optimization to harness the full potential of Qiskit.
Expand Your Knowledge
Advanced Topics and Applications
  • Explore the cutting-edge applications of quantum computing. From quantum machine learning to quantum chemistry, see how Qiskit is shaping the future.
Mastering Qiskit
Community and Continuing Education
  • Join a vibrant community of quantum enthusiasts. Participate in forums, contribute to Qiskit, and stay updated with the latest quantum computing trends.
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