Lesson 2: What is Qiskit?

H Hannan

What is Qiskit
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In the last lesson, we learned the basics behind what quantum computing is and what it does. Now that this has been established, let’s move on to what Qiskit actually is.

IBM’s Qiskit has rapidly emerged as one of the leading open-source quantum computing frameworks tackling precisely this challenge. Let’s explore what Qiskit is and why it has become a pillar of the broader quantum software stack.

What is Qiskit?

Released by IBM Research in 2017, Qiskit provides tools for creating and executing quantum algorithms at varying levels. It aims to make programming quantum computers accessible to broader audiences beyond just physicists.

At its core, Qiskit enables composing, executing and optimizing quantum programs with clarity. It provides an intuitive way to build algorithms from low-level quantum operations all the way up to complex applications. This is accomplished through a modular, circuit-based paradigm representing workflows.

Qiskit’s hardware-agnostic circuit representation ensures that developed quantum code can run across different physical machines. Whether using an IBM Quantum system, ion traps or newer technologies, flexibility is baked in. Capabilities also extend to simulation, education and research thanks to Aer elements providing blazing-fast simulators for debugging without hardware access.

Powering Leading-Edge Quantum Innovation

Several strengths combine to make Qiskit a widely trusted platform across research and industry:

Intuitive Syntax Adapted from Python

Qiskit mirrors Python’s clean, declarative programming style. This dramatically lowers barriers compared to physics-led approaches full of bespoke notation and dense theory. Pythonic code composing quantum circuits is far more natural for mainstream developers.

Enterprise Reliability and Support

With IBM stewardship comes hardened enterprise reliability and accessible technical support. Organizations trust Qiskit integrations to power proprietary internal pipelines. Partners also benefit through Quantum Network access to pioneering hardware.

Accelerating Community Innovation

Qiskit thrives through its vibrant community of contributors sharing bleeding-edge research, collaborating on educational resources and pushing quantum capabilities forward together. This ecosystem enables collective advancement simply not possible privately. It also provides beginners the learning materials to come up to speed smoothly.

Building the Foundations for the Future

Ultimately for quantum computing to transform society requires democratizing access and skills development beyond narrow silos. Through extensive libraries, transparent design and easy interoperability with data science stacks, Qiskit delivers the full-stack foundations necessary to scale quantum for real-world problems. It has become an essential infrastructure for pioneering what’s possible.

Next, we will cover details on how to install Qiskit for the first experiments whether in research, education or enterprise contexts. But already it should be clear how Qiskit helps tame quantum complexity while accelerating practical innovation.

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