New Method To Perform Multiple Control Methods On Single Atom

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New Method To Perform Multiple Control Methods On Single Atom
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Engineers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney have demonstrated novel techniques for encoding quantum information within a single antimony atom implanted in a silicon chip. By leveraging the 16 quantum states available in the antimony atom – 8 from its nucleus and 2 from its electron – they packed the equivalent of 4 quantum bits (qubits) into the space of just one atom.

This breakthrough could help address the immense scaling challenges involved with building silicon-based quantum computers containing tens of millions of qubits within a chip just a few square millimetres in size. The engineers showed they could manipulate the antimony atom’s electron with oscillating magnetic fields, its nuclear spin using standard magnetic resonance techniques, its nucleus with electric fields, and both its nucleus and electron in tandem.

Having multiple control mechanisms in one architecture provides computer architects with much more flexibility when optimizing future system designs. For example, magnetic control is faster but more diffuse, while electric fields enable addressing individual atoms. Lead author Irene Fernandez de Fuentes explains that this work draws on over a decade of quantum control research by the team under Professor Andrea Morello.

Looking ahead, the researchers now plan to leverage the antimony atom’s expanded computational capacity to build logical qubits with sufficient redundancy to detect and correct errors. Logical qubits will encode quantum information across multiple quantum levels, unlike standard qubits limited to two states. This next phase is critical for developing commercially viable silicon quantum computing hardware, according to Professor Morello.

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