Dutch quantum startup Orange Quantum Systems raises huge €1.5M to tackle quantum chip testing bottlenecks

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Dutch quantum startup Orange Quantum Systems raises huge €1.5M to tackle quantum chip testing bottlenecks
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Dutch startup Orange Quantum Systems tackles this emerging bottleneck by optimizing integrated systems explicitly for high-volume quantum chip testing.

As quantum processors begin transcending isolated lab environments, effectively testing these rapidly scaling chips poses major obstacles for developers.

Orange secured €1.5 million in new funding from Quantum Delta NL and Cottonwood to boost the development of its automated testing solutions. Today’s manual testing processes severely limit the verification of quantum chip performance and qubit quality. Orange QS aims to provide turnkey systems purpose-built for robust quantum chip testing.

The startup is currently developing next-generation platforms combining cryogenic controls, cabling, and room-temperature electronics with its custom physics-driven testing protocols. Fully integrating the test environment will slash development cycles by automating validation and diagnostics.

Orange QS also offers products like its Quantum Diagnostic Libraries which encode common test routines to reduce repetitive manual efforts. But fresh capital will expand capabilities from R&D niches to the demands of industrial-scale quantum chip makers.

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By tailoring its technology stack for quantum clients, Orange Quantum Systems intends to become the “ASML of quantum testing”, referencing the indispensable role the company played in enabling extreme ultraviolet lithography critical to classical chip fabrication.

With quantum hardware maturation, thorough and rapid testing is imperative but increasingly impractical using one-off academic tools. Orange Quantum Systems is positioning itself early as a specialized provider of next-generation quantum assurance solutions.

Its initial beachhead lies in helping quantum computing labs seamlessly scale up. But the total available market expands exponentially as quantum chips progress from bespoke demonstrators to mass-manufactured products. Orange QS’s strategy places it firmly in quantum computing’s most crucial emerging niche.

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