Rescale and IonQ Team Up to Accelerate Innovation

H Hannan

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A new partnership between Rescale, a leader in cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC), and quantum pioneer IonQ aims to supercharge innovation by combining raw processing power with quantum’s unique problem-solving abilities.

Announced earlier this week following the 2024 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the collaboration will merge Rescale’s HPC platform and extensive catalogue of R&D applications with IonQ’s cutting-edge quantum computers.

“Through seamlessly blending the largest full-stack integrated R&D capabilities and AI-powered computational workflows on Rescale with IonQ’s cutting-edge quantum technology, we are embarking on a journey to accelerate engineering innovations and discover new science,” said Rescale CEO Joris Poort.

Rescale’s robust and scalable infrastructure provides the springboard for IonQ’s pioneering quantum systems. IonQ’s quantum computers, like the 29-qubit IonQ Forte, can tackle highly complex calculations far faster than even the most powerful traditional supercomputers.

By making IonQ’s quantum capabilities available through Rescale’s cloud platform, the partners aim to bring hybrid classical/quantum computing solutions to customers across industries like aerospace, life sciences, financial services, and national research labs.

This unique pairing of expertise and technology is expected to empower scientists and engineers to push boundaries in R&D fields such as digital engineering, biopharmaceuticals, materials science and more.

The collaboration fosters an ecosystem where computational power, software capabilities and quantum knowledge intersect. Researchers leveraging this environment will be equipped to explore new frontiers and pave the way for innovations that redefine what technology can achieve.

So while each partner brings unmatched capabilities to the table, together Rescale and IonQ believe they can accelerate discoveries to increase human understanding and positively impact real-world problems.

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