Top 10 Free Resources For Quantum Computing In 2023

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Top 10 Free Resources For Quantum Computing In 2023
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Quantum computing is an exciting field of research with huge potential for innovation and disruptive technologies. But with many quantum computers costing millions of dollars, how can those interested in the field gain hands-on experience? Thankfully, there are some great free online resources that make exploring quantum computing more accessible to the wider public. From quantum app development tools to free cloud access to quantum hardware, here we list the 10 best free resources to accelerate your quantum learning in 2023.

  1. IBM Quantum Experience

As a pioneer in quantum research, IBM offers its IBM Quantum Experience program to provide anyone free access to one of its quantum machines via the cloud. You can run quantum code and experiments without investing in a physical quantum computer. It’s one of the best free quantum app development tools around.

  1. Amazon Braket

Amazon’s fully managed Braket service allows developers to get started with exploring and experimenting with quantum computing applications from providers like D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti. It offers a variety of pre-built development resources and tools to get you up and running quickly.

  1. Microsoft Quantum Development Kit

Microsoft offers a comprehensive suite of free resources for learning and developing on quantum computers via their Quantum Development Kit. This includes the Q# programming language, quantum computing simulators, in-depth tutorials and documentation. A great starting point for new quantum devs.

  1. D-Wave Leap

D-Wave Leap provides an online environment for accessing D-Wave’s quantum annealer, solving optimization problems online via the Leap hybrid solver service, and building and testing quantum programs. The free plan provides limited execution credits to try out the platform.

  1. Atos Quantum Learning Machine

Atos QLM offers remote access to a powerful 39 qubits quantum simulator. Developers can submit quantum circuits, run experiments, and test algorithms. Access to the Atos quantum simulator is provided for free with registration.

  1. University of California Quantum

Researchers from the University of California created Quantum, a free software framework for authoring and running quantum algorithms. Features OpenQASM compilation, visualization tools and seamless integration with simulators like Qiskit Aer.

  1. Q# Community Samples

Microsoft’s Q# team maintains an extensive collection of coding tutorials, examples and hands-on challenges to learn quantum computing concepts and the Q# language. The GitHub repo is a great community resource for quantum app ideas and reference implementations.

  1. Paperspace Gradient Community Notebooks

Gradient provides free access to Jupyter Notebook development environments preloaded with quantum SDKs like PennyLane, Tensorflow Quantum, Qiskit, and more. The community notebooks offer a quick way to get started with writing and executing quantum code.

  1. QCG Public Cloud Services

The Quantum Computing Gateway offers free access to quantum simulators and educational resources. Developers can access via SSH shell free on-demand to compile quantum algorithms, debug quantum code and benchmark implementations.

  1. Quantum Open Source Foundation

Associated with the Linux Foundation, QOSF develops open-source software frameworks for QC development. Check their GitHub to explore open-source projects like OpenFermion for quantum chemistry simulations. Contribute to quantum initiatives!

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